Scott Boyer recently featured on LawyerStories

I don’t like to fight. I don’t like to argue. I don’t like confrontation. And yet, I’ve chosen to be a litigator. Why? I used to ask myself that question quite often. Since becoming a lawyer 12 years ago, I’ve spent some time as a college lecturer and children’s book writer. But I have never left the practice of law, and I continue to litigate to this day. I enjoy it because although I don’t like to fight, I like to investigate and analyze, and if I can, find that hidden gem of a fact that turns the entire case around. Sometimes, I still have to fight, but it’s okay because at least I trust in what I’m fighting for. I don’t get to pick and choose my cases, but I believe in all of them. Maybe the most important thing I’ve learned in my career is this: you have to fall in love with your case. You’re not going to be able to settle them all. If the facts, upon first glance, look bad for your client, look harder. Don’t stop until you find an angle, and then two, and then three. Nurture your newfound arguments until you can hardly imagine how you ever thought your case was bad in the first place. Once you reach this point, you won’t be fighting against the other side, you’ll be fighting for the just result. That I don’t mind fighting for.
Scott Boyer, Esq.

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